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Benefits of Halal Catering

buffet cateringHalal catering has been rising in popularity over the recent years, with most event organizers opting for it for all their events. Ideally, it refers to a dietary standard that is recommended by the Muslim scriptures. The word halal itself is an Arabic word that means permissible. Halal catering thus involves only the foods and preparation methods that are permissible as per the Muslim scriptures. There are numerous benefits to halal catering, a few of which are highlighted below.

Healthy Proteins

Halal foods come with a variety of options, which include both meat and vegetables. For the meat dishes, however, not all types of meat are halal. Prohibited foods are known as ‘haram’. Halal foods are generally all healthy, which promotes better health. For example, by avoiding pork, you get to avoid all the cholesterol and high-fat content that comes with it. The healthier the foods, the healthier you will be.

Ethical Consideration

With halal catering, the meat comes from animals that have been slaughtered in a specified way. The slaughtering methods are such that the animals feel the least possible pain. You thus get to avoid eating meats processed from factory farming, known for the cruel methods of killing the animals. Halal catering will, therefore, ensure minimal guilt, if any, for people eating the meat.

Halal Certification

Halal certification can be used as evidence that the meat is of high quality. Halal caterers must comply with a list of requirements to get the certification, most of which involve the quality of meat. The certification also means that only the best preparation practices are used, resulting in the tastiest of dishes served.

Food Diversity

There are some limitations imposed by halal rules, but the range of foods that can be served by a halal catering service is still incredible. With the right choice of a halal catering service, you will get a menu that is guaranteed to wow all your guests.halal buffet

Cater to More Guests

Halal catering also comes in handy if you are going to have Muslim guests, or even when you do not know the guest’s religious status. If halal catering services do not prepare the food, the Muslim guest will likely skip the meal, creating an awkward situation that leaves them unsatisfied. Nowadays, even non-Muslim individuals tend to prefer halal dishes.