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Choosing Storage Heaters


When you need to store something that has particular and specific temperature requirements, then you will need to use a storage heater in order to store them well. Storage heaters are very functional, and they serve a lot of uses and purposes. They also have a wide array of different and various advantages as well as benefits, especially for storing industrial supplies and chemicals.

Nowadays, there is practically a storage heater for different types of chemicals and other things. When choosing the right storage heater for your needs, there are several considerations to keep in mind. Here are some of the things you will need to consider when you choose a storage heater:


heaterWhen it comes to the types of storage heaters, there is certainly a very wide array of different and various options and choices you are able to choose from. You have your cartridge heaters, tote heaters, beaker heaters, drum heaters, cylinder heaters, as well as your mantle heaters. There are also flexible heaters, strip heaters, band heaters, circulation heaters, radiant heaters, process air heaters, as well as snow melting mats and heating tapes. Other than that, you have your immersions, which includes the flanged immersion, OTS immersion, as well as the screw plugged immersion.

All these different types of heaters have their own pros and cons. They also have different functions and purposes. You need to find out more about them to know more about them. By doing that, you can determine which one of them will suit your needs best.

Temperature controls

thermometer Another thing that is very important to consider when you are looking for a storage heater is the temperature controls. One of the main reasons you are buying a storage heater in the first place is because you need to control the temperature of the chemicals or supplies so that it doesn’t get ruined. When you are looking for the best one, don’t forget to check the temperature controls, and see if it suits your needs.


Another thing to keep in mind when you want to purchase a storage heater is the brand of the heater. There are a lot of brands that are currently out there who sells various types of different heaters. There is Power Blanket, BriskHeat, Novus, Tempco, Payne, as well as IHC, just to name a few. It is important to consider the brand to determine which to choose.

Power controls

powerAnother thing that is important to consider when buying a storage heater is the power controls. Knowing how much power you will need as well as knowing the power controls and settings, like solid state relays and mercury relays, will help you decide on which storage heater you should choose. You need to decide wisely. Choose based on your needs as well as your preference so that you will get the right one for you.