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Best Low Investment Business Ideas

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Whenever someone talks about business, the first thing to ring in your mind is the investment. Most people think of business being synonymous with significant investments. This is the reason why people get turned off with the idea of business. They tend to feel it is for the wealthy.

You can, however, be enthusiastic if you know that many businesses are low cost and requires little or no investment. The following are some of the low-cost business ideas that can work for you.

Affiliate Marketing

laptop on tableThis refers to selling others products for a commission. There is a wide range of products available for affiliates ranging from software, digital downloads of ebooks, audio files to seminars. Online shopping websites such as Amazon also offer hard products like cell phones, cameras, computers, and other technology products. Affiliate marketing is a very low investment option since you do not have to maintain any inventory and all need is a website, and you are good to go.

Information Products

It is one of the most sought-after low investment businesses. If there is an area you specialize in or research for then, you can make reports, videos or ebooks and sell them in online stores for a profit. Some people even experts in various fields and create information products such as call transcripts, ebooks, and audio recordings and sell online. Such information is sought after and can generate a significant amount of sales.

Internet Marketing

There are many forms of business that you can get into like online stores and tutoring and make a lot of money online. If you search for internet marketing businesses online, you will get people from all walks of life, from school going kids to retired army men making fortunes online.

Joint Venturesman and lady discusing

These involve bringing two parties together, one with the product and the other the buyer. This primarily dependsĀ on how well you can negotiate a deal. It does not need that you invest in anything or create any product of your own. You just need to find the right party and set up the deal.

eBay Business

This has always been an excellent option for online business. On eBay, you can sell anything. The things that are lying in your garage could prove to can be a treasure for someone else. You can sell them on eBay and earn a profit. Drop shipping is also another thing that can help you get products to sell on eBay, and you do not need to maintain an inventory.


There are a lot of low-cost businesses, and all it needs to set up one is a little effort. These are some of the best low investment businesses that you can start to earn a lot of money.