Guide To Buying Automatic Doors

Automatic doors

These days most commercial buildings, whether single shops, shopping malls or businesses, have an automatic door entrance. Whatever kind of automatic door has been chosen for the building or shop, they are all convenient for every type of customer or client, reliable and easily maintained.

Buying Automatic Doors

Types of automatic doorsautomatic doors at a shop

There are various types of automatic doors, and any good supplier will give you a comprehensive guide to buying  Automatic Doors that will suit your building and your expense account. The first choice is a swing door, which is a safe choice for most buildings. Any private or public building that has enough space can install an automatic swing door, as they suit schools, offices, and hotels, among many others.

Manual swing doors can also easily be changed into automatic ones, which is a cost-effective way of changing to automatic doors. Swing doors can be used with a range of electro-mechanical locks as well as an electric panic bar. The swing door will be a good choice for a business needing a secure entrance.

What to look for

A low energy swing door will offer an ideal solution to access a building for any disabled person, and as power consumption is low, it is also suitable for a care home establishment. Swing doors can have the latest technology installed, like push pads or motion sensors, or even a remote key or a video entry system. The operator is installed above the door, which also makes for easy setting. All reliable suppliers will help any prospective client with a guide to buying automatic doors, and the accessories that come with them. The basic swing door is not expensive to install and are cost effective, although the accessories may add to the cost.

Why choose

An automatic sliding door is probably the most user-friendly of all these doors, and probably the one most often seen in any building. The door remains in a closed position until activated by a device that can be motion sensitive or control by access, and these devices can be tailored to your needs. Sliding doors are all fitted with emergency battery backup systems, together with fire alarm connections which allow them to be used as emergency escape routes.

These doors will suit any environment, provided there is enough space. They are affordable and reliable, and as they can be in any color or finish, will always give a stylish look to your entrance.
Existing doors cannot be converted into sliding doors, but installation can be done quickly. You can have a single sliding door or two panels that open on either side. Maintenance should be done twice a year, but this is easy as there are only a few moving parts to an automatic sliding door They offer good security too, as they have a variety of manual and electric locking systems.


Safety glass will be used in all these automatic doors, to comply with safety regulations. All reliable suppliers will also give you a number where they can be reached for emergency repairs.


automatic doors 2All good suppliers and manufacturers of automatic doors will want to have a site meeting first, to discuss your particular needs, and to evaluate your building. It is best to make sure that their quote for the doors you want to be installed will include the warranty given in your particular case, the estimated energy consumption and any other information you deem necessary.